Welcome! Hilltop Fellowship Church is an independent non-denominational convergent Christian community that embraces the richness of the Church’s history and tradition. Jesus Christ, as revealed in Holy Scripture, is the center and focus of our faith, worship and daily living.


Hilltop Fellowship Church was “born” from a home Bible study group started by John and Donna Evarts in September 2013. The small group met in their home for almost five years with John preparing the lessons and messages and Donna preparing everything else, including cleaning the house, preparing the tables for the fellowship time and general fussing to make their home a warm and inviting place for people to visit.

At the same time the Bible study was going on Pastor John was working towards completing his requirements for ordination, including a one year of postulancy. In April of 2016 he was officially ordained. In 2018 John received a donation from a non-attendee “who believed in what we were doing” and wanted to support the ministry with a financial gift. After lots of prayer and legal advisement, we decided to incorporate. We are now known as Hilltop Fellowship Church, Inc. With that gift as a base, we were able to move into the heart of our community, Naples, NY. We are now renting space at 23 Mill Street.

It was our goal to make the move and still retain as much of the warm and cozy home feeling as possible. When you walk into our church, the first sign you see says this:

Welcome to Hilltop Fellowship… a simple church of home and friends.


Our Sunday morning service is held at 9:30. There is public and handicapped parking in front of the church. Service usually lasts about an hour followed by a time of fellowship with refreshments.

Our music is mainly gentle praise/worship songs and traditional hymns. In the great traditions of the Church we use the Christian Liturgical calendar celebrating each season of the year; Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Kings Day. We use all the common English translations of the Bible. We hold Holy Communion on the third Sunday of each month.

Our services are active and we encourage everyone to participate. At Hilltop Fellowship we believe in families worshiping together. We have activity packets for small children that they may use during the service and then take home to enjoy. We believe that babies represent church growth, and we encourage parents to include them in the service. We also have plenty of “well experienced” moms and grand-moms to hold and cuddle babies during the service, and who are willing to change a diaper if necessary (with parents’ consent ). Of course, Pastor John will baptize them as well.

If you would like to find out more about our worship service and our beliefs, you may contact Pastor John at 585-374-5445. Our email address is: Hilltopfellowshipchurch7098@gmail.com.